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Using your room pictures we can stage an entire home for a fraction of the cost of full serve home staging. Virtual Staging furniture library.

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Virtual Staging With Staging Pads

Virtual Staging – choosing to stage home pictures using 3D furniture and software makes sense for sellers on a budget! You control placement of furnishings within an image. This technology requires 360 degree views of furniture, pictures, plants, landscaping and accessories, as well as the ability to add shadows and correct lighting. It is typically used for vacant or improperly staged houses to improve the marketing of home pictures used in the MLS or real estate search engines. It is also used for property management and new home builders.


Virtual Staging is the affordable way to make vacant homes look great! We stage your pictures for less than one-tenth the cost of traditional home staging. Make your empty rooms look like a furnished model with realistic furnishings, pictures and plants. Try staging a room in our SocialStaging™ interactive tour. Interactive Virtual Staging Tour.

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Interactive Virtual Tours

Virtual tours that users can interact with

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    Call our office at 800-894-7033 or fill out the form below if you would like to contact us or order full service virtual staging. Staging Pads handles your photos fast and on budget! We work with realtors®, home builders, apartments, photographers and virtual tour companies. Having an owner with a background as a photographer and realtor® gives Staging Pads an expertise that will help take your marketing beyond the MLS listing. For more information about using virtual staging for your vacant properties visit our staging website Staging Pads Site.

    Interactive Virtual Tours are starting to make their way into the home sales market. Viewers can add, move and delete images directly within the virtual tour from a large library of furnishings. They can do this at SocialStaging™ without creating an account, signing in or downloading any software. The tours are branded and non-branded so that viewers can directly reach the realtor® for more information.

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